K&B SUPERPOXY epoxy resin

Available in
12 and 24 oz kits

Price & Availability

Crystal Clear Resin
for fiberglassing
and Laminating
K&B SUPERPOXY is a two part
Crystal Clear epoxy resin
that is far superior to polyester resin.

SUPERPOXY is durable, fuel proof,
and easy to apply.
Perfect for Model Boats and Airplanes
Ideal for Epoxy Laminated Art Plaques.

Check out these features:
Ultra low if not no odor
30 minute working time
3 hour hardening time
24 hour total cure
Easy to apply and
work with
Crystal Clear (unlike other epoxy)
Fuel Proof
2 to 1 mix ratio
Use alone or with fiberglass
Ultra long shelf life (just keep from low temps)

Low viscosity similar to polyester.



To achieve that perfect finish
you need top quality product such as
K&B fiberglass cloth.

K&B glass cloth lays down smooth and
even ready for application. 
K&B glass cloth comes in three different weights:
3/4 oz., 2 oz., and 6 oz. weight per sq yard
We have the weight for any application.

3/4 oz. (8160) like silk
2 oz. (8161) like panty hose
6 oz. (8162)
like denim
Each pack contains 9 sq ft
(random size 32" to 44")



K&B Micro Ballons

Price & Availability

Fill imperfections with light weight
K&B Micro Balloons.
Simply mix with epoxy and apply. It's that easy.

Perfect to thicken up epoxy to fill gaps and holes without weight gain

Micro Balloons / 8 oz. (8182)
Currently packed in cans



Whether your mixing paint, epoxy, or
micro balloons, you need to measure
accurately. K&B mixing cups are just the
ticket. Each cup has accurate measuring
marks on the side taking the guess work
out of measuring. If you're mixing materials
together then these cups are a must.

Available in 1 oz. and 8 oz. cups.

Mixing Cups 1 oz. 24 count (8172)
Mixing Cups 8 oz. 3 count (8191)



K&B Syringe

Price & Availability

The All-purpose Syringe is used for just about anything,
whether mixing paint or measuring caster oil,
this syringe is a handy little tool for any  shop.

All Purpose Syringe (7031)


Price & Availability

K&B Ultrapoxy is a two part epoxy paint system.
Ultrapoxy is durable, fuel proof and easy to apply.
Two easy steps gives you a great finish:
one light dust coat followed by a final flow coat.

The fast drying paint has high gloss finish
that looks like a clear gloss coat has been applied.  Ultrapoxy paint colors match
the most popular heat shrink film
covering, and Ultrapoxy colors can be mixed
together to match any color you desire.

Click here for instructions
Mixing guide
 Color Application


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